Homes with solar in Maryland get paid for extra electricity they generate, go up in value & sell faster, require little or no extra maintenance, and reduce their bills.

As an experienced residential solar design and installation company we will help you get the most out of your house and garage roof space, your acreage field or unused ground or your recreational property to beautifully integrate the latest solar technology into your life.

We will engineer and fully document every one of our installations to protect you, us, and the industry. Only the best CSA certified equipment is installed, by certified electricians with advanced solar training to ensure you have worry-free operation for the life of your system.



Warehouses, Hotels, Shopping Malls, Office Buildings, Shops, Storage Units, Manufacturing Plants, standalone structures old and new… if it’s a business (or owned by one) it’s part of a special class of structure in Maryland for solar!

If it’s a single bay commercial shop or a sprawling multi-warehouse facility, with very little energy use or an extremely heavy load, solar will add value and return to the business in a number of ways.

Customers are increasingly choosing to do business with companies who support and connect with their values including efficiency. Let us help magnify those qualities!