The company

Who we Are

Our aim is to generate energy for the future. Solar power remains the most secure source of energy for the future. We set global standards in achieving this goal.

As an international photovoltaic system integrator we develop, plan, build and operate utility-scale, commercial and industrial photovoltaic plants. As a PV contractor specializing in the design and execution of solar power projects nationwide, Soleil places special emphasis on the “on-time and on-budget” construction and delivery of solar powered buildings, farms and residential projects. With subsidiaries in 15 states across North America, the company has designed and built dozens of turn-key systems since its inception.

The focus of Soleil activities is on its subsidiaries in the high-growth regions in the USA. Our subsidiaries on location are well established in their markets and have many years of experience and competence in developing and constructing photovoltaic systems.

Our Team

Terry Salmon

Co-Founder & COO

Mr. Salmon was born and raised in Maryland, he has witnessed first-hand the transition of Washington DC from a small town to one of the nations premier living hubs. When the demand for upscale residential living accommodations grew in demand, Terry established a company that could not only meet those needs, but one that would excel beyond the highest levels of professionalism and integrity in the industry.

Terry graduated from University of Maryland College Park with a B. S. Degree in 1995. Before starting his own company he worked on numerous construction projects with local construction companies. Terry learned all the ins and out of commercial/residential construction at an early age. He gained experience in Project Coordination, Estimating, and Drafting and Design. Utilizing the skills and experiences he acquired both in school and in his professional career, he established Solo Designs Inc in 1998. Since then, the company has continued to grow and evolve into one of the largest general contracting companies in the Maryland area, completing over 30 Million dollars in projects.

Terry has now evolved growing with the times and since has added Solar Energy to his repertoire of construction products. Over the past 3.5 years Terry has taken the renewable energy market by storm. He has installed multiple mega watts of solar panels throughout the country. Terry has participated and organized many educational demonstrations and events for the general public, schools, environmental groups and energy professionals. His work has led to several installations of photovoltaics in school camps, state parks, and environmental learning centers and residential homes projects. Terry has worked in the solar industry as a professional system designer, installer and teacher.

Adam Szczur

Co-Founder & CEO

Mr. Szczur has more than 15 years' experience starting, growing and executing telecommunication and Solar businesses. He has worked in all aspects of sales, product management and implementation for clients and partners.

Adam has extensive experience in leading small, early-stage startups from product conception to actual sales and eventually to acquisition. He has been involved with companies that have been in the Inc 500 and the Forbes Fast 50.

Adam started his solar career working for the largest residential solar installer, SolarCity, where he led the organization's project management office. In this position, he supervised the installation and integration of client systems, managed six functional areas, managed a multi-million budget, and 50 person sales team.

Adam is responsible for the installation of solar panel projects across the country.